BAM-FX - Unlocking Nutrition for the World

BAM-FX - Unlocking Nutrition for the World

BAM-FX™ and the Future of Farming 

The future of farming is Precision Agriculture, which takes into account the effects water, soil minerals and climatic conditions can have on the quality and production rate of a specific crop.

Originally developed by ZGSI founder, John Wayne Kennedy, to promote growth of plants in spaces for use by NASA astronauts on extended voyages to Mars and beyond, the BAM-FX technology has far reaching applications for both NASA human space missions and represents potentially disruptive agricultural technology here on Earth.

The BAM-FX™ ionic nutrient delivery system can be used as a standalone product or in conjunction with other products, such as standard NPK fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides. BAM-FX is a more precise, customized way to maximize crop plant mineral nutrition, which results in a more robust crop with greater yields.

How BAM-FX works and why it's superior to other products
BAM-FX works through a balanced, super-efficient, micronutrient delivery system for agriculture, which distinguishes itself from all other fertilizers, supplements and soil amendments by utilizing a unique technology that is effective in infusing a "customized" amount of ionized minerals to be transported throughout the plant. BAM-FX delivers a diversity of nutrients, in measurably larger quantities than can be achieved through standard and traditional methods, and it is capable of substantially cutting costs with its versatile application possibilities and its reduction and/or replacement of multiple products. The BAM-FX formula can be applied through the soaking of seeds, direct application (soil drench) at time of planting, foliar treatment of the plant at later stages of development or a combination of these methods

Valuable Benefits of BAM-FX™

  • Biomass increase = yield increase
  • Increased quality and improved marketability
  • Reduction of NPK fertilizer
  • Potential reduction of nitrate runoff
  • Enhanced/Increased mineral content and other nutrients in soil
  • Nutrition quality uptick
  • Better seed germination and seedling survival rates
  • Increased rooting and more root structure
  • Faster ripening
  • More flowering
  • Recovery from environmental stress
  • Lower OPEX

Field trials with end user growers in multiple US states and internationally on a large variety of crops continue to be undertaken on an ongoing basis. Preliminary results from these trials continue to indicate that BAM-FX has a beneficial effect on crop yield, including more robust rooting, greater biomass, higher chlorophyll reactivity and increased sugar content. BAM-FX is able to systemically deliver minerals such as zinc and copper and other micronutrients into the cells of plants without Genetic Modification.

BAM-FX and ZGSI's Mission

ZGSI's core business model is to create and develop intellectual property and commercial products derived from the research developed over six NASA-enabled flights of experiments to the International Space Station ("ISS").   The Company's commencement of the commercialization of BAM-FX marks a significant milestone in ZGSI's development by providing the Company with its first ISS derived commercial product which offers significant benefits to human life in the face of increasing population growth, climate change and scarcity of natural resources. Ultimately, the Company plans to conduct experiments aboard the ISS in order to fulfill the original purpose of BAM-FX, which is to provide a continuous supply of highly nutritious, fresh food that is able to withstand the threats of extended duration spaceflight.

BAM-FX field trials on alfalfa
BAM-FX field trials on corn



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