Board of Directors



Harvey Kaye
Chairman of the Board

Mr. Kaye has more than 40 years of experience in providing financing, strategic planning and administrative leadership to large and small companies, both public and private, as an entrepreneur, investment banker, chairman, chief executive officer and director.

Mr. Kaye was formerly founder, chairman, chief executive officer and president and CEO of Latitude Solutions, Inc. Latitude Solutions, Inc., is a publicly traded holding company for several subsidiaries which provide products, processes and services for contaminated water applications.

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Timothy A. Peach

Timothy A. Peach has over 20 years of finance and operations experience working with both public and private companies from development stage through significant revenue generation. His track record includes successful IPO and bond offerings, mergers, acquisitions, integration and profit improvement. In his role as Chief Financial Officer of ZGSI, Mr. Peach oversees the Company's treasury, tax, accounting, financial planning and reporting functions and business development.

He served as the CFO, Vice President and Executive Vice President from 2008 to 2014 of Oncure Medical Corp., a private equity backed company, which managed multistate radiation oncology clinics. Mr. Peach began his career with Price Waterhouse Coopers with a broad diversity of clients, which ultimately led to his involvement in a multitude of fields including medical manufacturing, software engineering and integration, telecommunications, natural resources and innovative technology.

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Patrick Kennedy

Mr. Kennedy has 45 years of business experience in starting, operating/marketing, expanding and vertically integrating companies. He has been instrumental in the founding of Zero Gravity Solutions and its first commercial product, BAM FX. Mr. Kennedy has been involved in many, successful, new product research projects, has negotiated, marketed and consummated contracts with large volume clients and possesses valuable industry contacts and skills. He assisted in the original financing of ZGSI and works closely with the management team to form corporate strategy.

His background includes: Public relations with U.S Rare Earths, Inc.; President of American Natural Technology Sciences (patent holder of Mitigator) which is now distributed; in retail outlets and to the US military; President of Northridge Oil Company (increased production from 26 b/d to 425 b/d with less than $100k financing); Sr. Vice President of Long Beach Oil Development Company (LBOD), successfully negotiated with Phillips Petroleum, Chevron, Conoco and Exxon for the purchase of LBOD on Behalf of American Energy.

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Ed Cowle

Following a ten year career on Wall Street, Ed Cowle has been starting, financing and advising small businesses for the past 20 years Mr. Cowle is a Founder, Director and former Chief Executive Officer of US Rare Earths, Inc. (USRE) since 2009 and previously Chief Executive Officer of its predecessor, Thorium Energy, Inc., since 2007. USRE is an exploration and development company with substantial rare earth and thorium deposits in Idaho, Montana and Colorado. Ed was a Founder and remains a Director and principal shareholder of Laser Technology, Inc., the world leader in sales of laser based law enforcement speed guns, and laser applications for products in the sports optics industry. He has also worked closely with the Office of Industrial Liaison at New York University Medical School, investing in and incubating several technologies. Ed Cowle structured a lucrative licensing deal with C. R. Bard for a start-up company that he co-founded with Temple University Office of Technology Development and Commercialization.

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Michael T. Smith

Mr. Smith is the retired Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Hughes Electronics Corporation, (now known as Hughes). After spending nearly 20 years with General Motors in a variety of financial management positions, Mr. Smith joined Hughes in 1985, the year the company was formed, as senior vice president and chief financial officer. From 1985 to 1997, Mr. Smith served in a variety of capacities for Hughes, including Chairman of Hughes Missile Systems Company, Chairman of Hughes Aircraft Company from 1992 to October 1997 and Vice Chairman of Hughes Electronics. He had been responsible for the aerospace, defense electronics and information systems businesses of Hughes Electronics. Mr. Smith served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The DIRECTV Group Inc., from October 1997 to May 2001.

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Soumyo Sarkar

Mr. Sarkar has served as Chief Executive Officer and Portfolio Manager of Sumit Capital LLC, an independent institutionally-orientated investment advisory firm since its founding in 2010. Founded in 2010, Sumit Capital is a New York based registered investment advisor. Prior to founding Sumit Capital, Mr. Sarkar was a Managing Director with Deutsche Bank and the Founder and Head of the Deutsche Bank Matched Book Arbitrage Group. He ran the Deutsche Bank Matched Book Arbitrage Group from 1995-2009. Prior to joining Deutsche Bank, Soumyo ran a similar strategy within Credit Suisse proprietary trading group from 1991-1995. Prior to Credit Suisse, Mr. Sarkar held various research and programming roles for over five years with Solomon Brothers, Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers. He has an MBA from the University of Iowa’s Tippie School of Management and a BTech from the BHU Institute of Technology in Varanasi, India. We believe Mr. Sarkar brings an extensive understanding of finance and wide range of experience to the Board.



Alexander M. Boies

Mr. Boies is currently employed as an associate at the Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP Law Firm in New York, NY wherein he works with a wide range of clients on complex litigation matters. He was part of the legal team that won a $663M judgment against a guardrail maker in a Qui Tam trial. Mr. Boies began working at the firm as a summer associate in 2014 and commenced full-time employment in October 2015. From August 2012 until May 2015, Mr. Boies was enrolled as a full-time student at New York University – School of Law. During the summer of 2013, Mr. Boies interned at Legal Aid Society in their Bronx, New York – Housing Courthouse office. After graduating from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, with a B.S. in statistics, Mr. Boies was employed by Livingston Securities, LLC from February 2010 until May 2012 wherein he assisted to secure a number of private placements and IPOs until Mr. Boies resigned in order to pursue his legal degree. Additionally, Mr. Boies participated in the management of Hawk and Horse Vineyards, a California company owned and operated by his family since 2001. Mr. Boies also was the Executive Producer on the film, “Escape Plan”. Mr. Boies brings a wide range of skills and diverse set of experiences.


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