Patrick Kennedy

Mr. Kennedy has 45 years of business experience in starting, operating/marketing, expanding and vertically integrating companies. He has been instrumental in the founding of Zero Gravity Solutions and its first commercial product, BAM FX. Mr. Kennedy has been involved in many, successful, new product research projects, has negotiated, marketed and consummated contracts with large volume clients and possesses valuable industry contacts and skills. He assisted in the original financing of ZGSI and works closely with the management team to form corporate strategy.

His background includes: Public relations with U.S Rare Earths, Inc.; President of American Natural Technology Sciences (patent holder of Mitigator) which is now distributed; in retail outlets and to the US military; President of Northridge Oil Company (increased production from 26 b/d to 425 b/d with less than $100k financing); Sr. Vice President of Long Beach Oil Development Company (LBOD), successfully negotiated with Phillips Petroleum, Chevron, Conoco and Exxon for the purchase of LBOD on Behalf of American Energy.

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