Harvey Kaye

Harvey Kaye,
Chairman of the Board

Mr. Kaye has more than 40 years of experience in providing financing, strategic planning and administrative leadership to large and small companies, both public and private, as an entrepreneur, investment banker, chairman, chief executive officer and director.

Mr. Kaye was formerly founder, chairman, chief executive officer and president and CEO of Latitude Solutions, Inc. Latitude Solutions, Inc., is a publicly traded holding company for several subsidiaries which provide products, processes and services for contaminated water applications.

He was previously CEO and President of Gulfstream Capital, L.C., a merchant banking, consulting and financial advisory organization that provides advisory and corporate finance services to both public and private companies. Gulfstream has acted in a merchant banking, financial advisory and strategic planning capacity for numerous corporations, both public and private.

Mr. Kaye has a BS in business from Temple University.