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John W. Kennedy, Chief Science Officer

Forty years experience in applied research, botany, biology, physics, nutrition, biochemistry and discoveries associated with health, disease, plant and biological sciences and technologies. Author, International consulting scientist and science consultant. Research and discovery of novel chemistries, processes, and materials to diagnose, treat, cure, and prevent disease. Expertise and research in the biological principals governing the bio-availability of nutrients essential to living organisms.

John Kennedy after 18 years with USDA founded John Wayne Kennedy Consultants and has represented and supported programs of over 90 companies in 19 countries worldwide. Kennedy represented the Government of Mexico on Avocado crop importation into the U.S., the National Agricultural Chemical Association, the US Forest Service, and other agricultural groups on pesticide issues. He introduced GPS aerial application technologies for guidance of aircraft on spray programs to the USDA and was contracted by the State of California to author manuals on GPS and Sat-Loc spray system use. Work with satellite imaging technologies via connections to NASA and private satellite builders, with application for inventory and classification of vegetation, land and aquatic species. Federal Inspector in New York, Chicago and Hoboken, New Jersey in USDA before being promoted to the Assistant Director of the Methods Laboratory, USDA that conducted research concerning treatments for insect and plant diseases. He authored several publications including the "Plant Protection and Quarantine Treatment Manual" on insect and plant treatments for all imported products. Promoted to Hyattsville (now Riverdale) as a Staff Officer in charge of Gypsy Moth, Japanese beetle and working on the Med. Fly, etc. Staff Officer in charge of the eradication of isolated infestations of the gypsy moth around the country including California (San Jose). Author of the original Japanese and Med Fly Environmental Impact Statement with contributions to the Gypsy Moth EIS, Bio-control, and Boll Weevil Eradication Statements. Education: University of Wisconsin - Madison – Natural Sciences (degree Botany) and advanced studies at New York City (Entomology, Plant Pathology, Nematology.) concerning quarantine pests. As Founder of ZGSI - Holds multiple patents pending for on-orbit processing of plant, animal, and human undifferentiated cells on orbit.



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