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Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. Announces the Appointment of Dr. Michael Wiskerchen as Vice President, Spaceflight Operations

Boca Raton, Florida and San Diego, California — (August 6, 2013) – Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. (ZGSI or “the Company”), trading symbol PK: ZGSI.PK, announced today that Dr. Michael Wiskerchen has joined the Company’s senior management team as Vice President, Spaceflight Operations. Dr. Wiskerchen, an internationally recognized senior member of the NASA space flight team, will be responsible for the organization and management of ZGSI’s upcoming International Space Station (ISS) space flight program. He will build upon the Company’s IP and research from six previous NASA-enabled flights to the ISS. Dr. Wiskerchen has spent the last several years developing public/private partnerships involving space-related research and commercial programs on the ISS.

During his time at NASA Dr. Wiskerchen served as program scientist for the space shuttle STS-9 mission (Spacelab 1). He was an integral part of the international team for the operational design of the ISS. More recently he facilitated the formation of the Biotechnology Space Research Alliance, a public/private partnership to stimulate research and commercial utilization on the ISS.

July 17, 2013 12:45 UTC

Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. Announces Completion of Filings Required to Commence Trading of its Stock

BOCA RATON, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. (“ZGSI or the “Company’), trading symbol PK:ZGSI.PK (Pink Sheets:ZGSI) announced today that it has completed the filings required to satisfy the financial reporting necessary to commence the trading of the Company’s stock under the trading symbol ZGSI.PK.

Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc., a zero gravity biotechnology company, is at the forefront of utilizing the unique effects of extended zero/micro gravity environments only available on the International Space Station (“ISS”), now a national lab. The Company’s intellectual property was developed and validated through six NASA-enabled flights to the ISS under the Company’s Space Act Agreement. ZGSI’s intellectual property is based upon the premise that genes and cells express differently in a zero/microgravity environment, allowing for the development of patentable plant, animal and human regenerative stem cells with unique and beneficial characteristics.

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