ZGSI Events & Announcements

Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. has made its official debut to the commercial space industry and the reception could not have been more positive. We attended and presented at several prominent industry trade conferences in May and June including SpaceTech and the National Space Society’s (NSS) International Space Development Conference (ISDC) in California. Cliff McMurray, the ISDC 2013 Business Track Chairman, stated in a follow-up email to our CEO, Richard Godwin, “I’d like to extend our thanks for the presentation you gave on the business track. Your session was one of the most exciting on the track, as I overheard more than one attendee say.”

Additionally, the official NSS press release on the event stated, “A number of revolutionary developments were announced at the conference, including startling recent advances in growing stem cells in space and how they can be used.” The Huffington Post featured an overview of our SpaceTech presentation along with SpaceX in a blog on their website.

Overseas, we presented at the Harwell Oxford Venture Fest 2013, where we were nominated as one of their “Future 50”, Oxfords’ brightest business stars of the future and billed as “the ones to watch.”

Additionally, we have submitted responses to governmental Requests For Information (RFI’s) and have been represented at various SBIR conferences and other venues aimed at securing non-dilutive funding and initial project partners.

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