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Throughout human history, there have been milestones of great discoveries such as fire, the wheel, the printing press, the industrial revolution, powered flight, space travel and the Internet, which have literally changed the world and humanity.

The next frontier of great discoveries is space and zero/micro gravity. Our Company is the owner of intellectual property and dramatic breakthroughs resulting from six NASA sponsored flights to the International Space Station. These flights have proven that the scientific concepts and intellectual property on which our company is based are valid.

We are now in a position to pursue the enormous commercial opportunities created through the intellectual property that has been developed though our ISS experiments. Our zero/micro gravity breakthroughs have provided unique stem cells from plants, initially developed on the space station, which have unique characteristics in gene expression yielding new plant varieties that can greatly benefit humanity.

For example, these particular stem cells can be patented by our Company, which in turn will license these patented stem cells or new plant varieties to large commercial entities worldwide. The value of developing crops with improved yields, disease resistance and that can grow in harsh or drought conditions provides new, sustainable ways to feed an ever-increasing worldwide human population.

Our Company and our Chief Scientist, John Wayne Kennedy, along with his lifetime work with NASA, U.S. Department of Agriculture and University of Florida/IFAS have provided the basis for breakthroughs that could possibly transform whole economies, create new industries to benefit mankind and change the world.

I welcome and encourage you to explore the information presented on this website, which is designed to provide you with a greater sense of what our company is capable of as well as important industry developments and information. I realize that, like my initial impression, you too might be skeptical or perhaps think that the claims we make of our technology are too good to be true. However, based upon the results of our experiments, both the veracity and potential of our technologies are very real and we are about to prove this to the world.

Welcome aboard!

Richard Godwin
CEO & President

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