ZGSI's BAM-FX™ technology brings agriculture to a new era through a patent pending, nutrient delivery system platform technology that allows plants to systemically absorb minerals and other micronutrients from the soil. This groundbreaking new technology was originally developed by ZGSI founder and Chief Science Officer John W. Kennedy for growing food crops in space vehicles designed for deep space human missions, but has been found to have potentially far reaching applications also here on Earth.

BAM-FX  is an ionic nutrient delivery system for crops, which works by enabling the systemic uptake of specific, targeted minerals and other nutrients. The BAM-FX formula can be applied through the soaking of seeds ,direct application (soil drench) at time of planting, foliar treatment of the plant at later stages of development or a combination of these methods. The ability to impact plant food crops using a next-generation technology - far superior to existing fertilization and nutritional supplementation practices - paves the way for revolutionary advances in world agriculture and methods of global food supply. BAM-FX is in the later stages of development and commercialization offering significant benefits to the future of agriculture.

The BAM-FX formulation is a composition for treating plant mineral deficiencies by providing a delivery system to move soil mineral ions to the mineral deficient areas in plants. The compound is not a pesticide, nor is it a traditional fertilizer subject to runoff concerns.

The Science of BAM-FX

BAM-FX quickly transports highly bio-available, balanced, ionic minerals quickly into a crop plant through the following mechanism of action:

  • The BAM-FX formula is made up of Positively Charged Ionic Molecules = Bioavailable Nutrient Fertilizer - BAM-FX
  • BAM-FX contains a balanced ration of ionic Zinc and Copper, a small percentage of which are surrounded by Ammonia Ligands together with Sulfate = Highly Bioavailable Micro and Macro Nutrients
  • Positve electrical charge and the molecular structure allow BAM-FX to easily cross or diffuse through crop plant cellular membranes of leaves and roots.
  • The BAM-FX formula appears to help plants counteract the reactive oxygen species and free radical formation often created inside environmentally stressed plants due to flooding, excessive heat, drought, over-fertilization, wind and excessive chemical use, frost damage, excess salt and boron.
  • When applied as a soil drench, BAM-FX stimulates root growth and, due to its low pH, it also helps solubilize minerals in the soil, which allows crop plants to uptake ions that are often times unavailable in the soil matrix.
  • Extensive field trials on a large variety of crops across a broad range of climates and conditions have consistently demonstrated the enhanced value and efficacy of using BAM-FX as a part of a growers crop plant mineral nutrition program.

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