Raveendran Pottathil

Raveendran Pottathil

Raveendran Pottathil
COO, Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc.
COO, BAM Agricultural Solutions, Inc.

Dr. Pottathil is President of Accudx Inc., a strategic technology and consulting company. Dr. Pottathil is an entrepreneur with a 40-year history spanning academia, industry, invention, and company creation.

In 1996, Dr. Pottathil created Accudx as a diagnostic assay manufacturer. This company has progressed into consulting, technology and product development, and intellectual property services in biotech, medtech, and ecotech. His experience in academia and industry has covered various aspects of biochemistry, molecular biology, mammalian genetics, medical virology, tumor biology, and diagnostics, in both academic and industrial settings. As Chief Process Scientist at PetroAlgae, he was responsible for the development and scale up processes for growth, harvesting and processing of micro-algae. As a founding member and Director at Specialty Laboratories International, he successfully set up a large number of esoteric Clinical Reference Laboratories in Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, and India. This involved extensive project planning, technical training and technology transfer. As a Vice President of Life Sciences at XLTech Group, he was co-founder of a number of publically listed companies including Tyratech [www.tyratech.com], Petro Algae, [www.parabel.com] and Initio Fuels [www.initiofuels.com]. As an academician, he has extensive teaching experience that includes original research and teaching at The Jackson Laboratories, The Duke University, University Of Maryland, The City of Hope Medical Center and Florida International University. He has a number of issued patents.

Dr. Pottathil is a graduate of Tata Cancer Institute in Mumbai, India. He completed his post-doctoral fellowships at The Jackson Lab, Bar Harbor, ME and Duke University, NC. He worked as a Senior Manager at Hoffman La-Roche and was instrumental in their diagnostics program. He is currently a visiting professor at Florida International Univ. Miami.


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